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Words from our Members

  • Romina Cotto

I was  born in Montevideo, Uruguay and moved to Houston when I was five. Two traditions we have in Uruguay are drinking mate, which is similar to drinking coffee- mate looks like dry tea leaves placed in a gourd with hot water and you drink it from a metal straw; we also eat a lot of asado or barbecue. I joined HBSA last semester, after transferring from a community college, and really felt like I was part of a family. I was a little nervous to join since I didn't know a lot of people at UH. I showed up to Info Night by myself and everyone was very welcoming. They would introduce me to other members and encouraged me to keep attending events. I'm really glad I joined and made new friendships. My goal for next semester is to go to a career fair for the first time and to attend more HBSA workshops.

  • David Canas

Though I came to America around the age of 3 and have been here since, I’ve made it a point to know my country and its culture. Growing up in Texas while eating foods like pupusas and hearing hometown stories from El Salvador helped me embrace and love my heritage. My culture is important to me and in HBSA there are so many other people whose cultures are extremely similar to mine. This common factor in my opinion, makes it easier to get to know everyone and is what makes this organization a family, we all can relate to each other in some way. Not to forget that we all love business and want each other to succeed. In the Spring semester I hope to step out of my box and attend to mixers or career fairs and start paving the way to my future. With the help of HBSA and the great resources it provides, I know I can reach this goal.